Welcome to Matt Grimm Performance, mobile personal training in Nashville, coaching men that are age 30+ to get fit, have more energy, and live a healthier life through customized in-home personal training & nutrition coaching without using fad diets or beating up their bodies.

Take Control of your Health and Fitness

Lose Fat

Typically new clients lose anywhere from 5-20 pounds of fat in their first few months after joining our program. Be ready to spend some money on new clothes!

Have More Energy

Many of our clients have more energy now than they did 10 years ago. Be ready to start popping out of bed and experience all day energy!

Get Fit

Because an experienced trainer will watch every move you make to be sure you’re doing every rep properly, you’ll be able to exercise around any existing injuries and your results won’t skip a beat. Be ready to get fit and feel great again!


Matt only retains 5 in-home clients so each clients success is tied completely to Matt’s success as a trainer. Matt’s ideal client is someone between the age of 30-55 with the goal of losing weight and building muscle. No gimmicks, specific diets, or supplements will be recommended. The approach is daily 1-on-1 fitness coaching and holistic nutrition guidance

**Please inquire on the contact page if you would like to set-up a complimentary success consultation or would like to look at beginning a training program with Matt.**

Current Client Success Stories!

Clint Higham – President Morris-Higham Management
Before 265lbs After 185lbs
Keith Getty – Artist Getty Music
Before – 250lbs After 215lbs
Jeff Middleton – Singer Songwriter (Far Right) – 30 pounds Lost!


Kathleen P. 99d ago

Matt is super professional, punctual, responsive to our concerns and extremely polite. We are VERY impressed with Matt and would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their physical fitness and nutritional status.See all reviews

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