Welcome to Matt Grimm Performance, Nashville’s only mobile personal training service for men in the music industry that are age 35+ wanting to lose weight, have more energy, and get fit through customized in-home personal training programs and nutrition coaching without using the next fad diet or beating up their bodies.

Are you constantly on the road touring or traveling “on the grind” and struggling to get consistent workouts & implement a consistent healthy diet? Have you had other personal trainers that have beaten up your body through their workout theories that just have not been what you’re looking for? Or have you had a trainer that’s so busy trying to get new clientele they never have time to actually help you? Or have you never tried using a personal trainer before and don’t know what to expect? Matt is here to meet you wherever you are in your health and fitness journey. Matt Grimm Performance’s clients aren’t just numbers, Matt only retains 8 clients at any given time during the year so each clients success is tied completely to his success as a trainer.

Matt comes directly to your home, provides a high quality training service and equipment for all training levels and gets results! Matt’s ideal client is an adult male in the music industry between the age of 30-55 with the goal of losing weight and building muscle. Through a proper workout program and nutrition coaching, Matt believes that you will become the fittest version of yourself through a step by step approach to health. No gimmicks or supplements will be recommended. Our approach is 1-on-1 fitness coaching and holistic nutrition guidance.

Matt brings fitness to your home and is flexible around your busy schedule. Whether you have had a personal trainers in the past and are wanting to make a change or you’re completely new to fitness. Forget the gym and train with the best. Train inspired with Matt Grimm Performance!

**Matt will not be accepting any new clients until May 2020. Please inquire on the contact page if you would like to set-up a complimentary success consultation or would like to look at beginning a training program with Matt beginning in May 2020.**

Expert Coaching producing real results.
Clint Higham – President Morris-Higham Management
Before 265lbs After 185lbs
Keith Getty – Artist Getty Music
Before – 250lbs After 215lbs
Tommy Bailey – Director of Worship The Village Chapel
Before – 285lbs After – 175lbs
Are you a male looking for a muscle building weight training program?
Cody Purvis – Country Recording Artist
All training levels are welcome!

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