1-on-1 training is MGP’s most popular service! Personal fitness/nutrition training or athletic performance training services are both offered in 1-on-1 training. 1-on-1 training is the most popular service, because the training sessions are solely focused on the individual’s results. To track results, all MGP clients are also highly encouraged to perform a bod pod scan at Transformat10n Lab in West Nashville upon beginning a training program and retest in 2-3 month increments following that. Depending on the individual, most clients have nutrition meetings once a month or once every two months depending on the nutrition coaching needed for the individual.

1-on-1 Training single session: $55/Session

1-on-1 Training 2X’s/week monthly package (8 sessions): $400 ($50/session)

1-on-1 Training 3X’s/week monthly package (12 sessions): $540 ($45/session)


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