Month: December 2016


Are you “working out” or training?

In the fitness industry today there is, and most likely always will be, an epidemic of trainers and strength coach’s putting clients through “workouts”. Being on a training program and working out are different. Knowing when your trainer or strength coach is just working you out can be detected¬†fairly easily. When your being put through workouts you will typically do random exercises every single … Read More Are you “working out” or training?


What type of training program is right for you?

With so many options available in the fitness world today it can be very difficult to choose the right gym or exercise program that fits you as an individual.¬† When deciding what training program fits your personal needs, start with an assessment. This assessment should include a general health history, movement assessment, and if possible a fitness assessment. The assessments listed above would fit … Read More What type of training program is right for you?