What type of training program is right for you?

With so many options available in the fitness world today it can be very difficult to choose the right gym or exercise program that fits you as an individual.  When deciding what training program fits your personal needs, start with an assessment. This assessment should include a general health history, movement assessment, and if possible a fitness assessment.

The assessments listed above would fit for the general fitness client looking to shed some unwanted body fat and also the high school or college athlete looking to improve his/her performance on the field of play. Depending on which population or goal set you fall under will determine the X’s and O’s of your assessment.

For the general fitness client assessing your health history is most important. If you are in fact cleared to exercise, the next assessment would be a movement pattern screen to assess your tissue quality and quality of movement. A movement assessment will look deeper at potential movement patterns that may be more harmful than beneficial to the athletes.

After you’ve been cleared to exercise on the general health side and muscle/joint side of things, get MOVING! To get in better health you need to move. If you’re an athlete, training has to be specifically related to the sport(s) you play. Work with a strength coach or trainer to get a training program that would fit you. If you would rather train on your own find quality programs that work on movement not muscles. Get after it and train inspired!

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