Month: March 2017


Two Jumps that Make You Faster.

Speed kills. And the ability to produce force at an incredibly fast rate is the key to athletics. Besides sprinting, plyometrics (specifically jumping), is one of the best ways to train an athlete to produce more force. In a 2017 study athletes who had higher peak power outputs in the vertical jump also ran faster 40 meter dash times (Reference: Loturco, I. et al. … Read More Two Jumps that Make You Faster.


Systems Based Training

As an athlete you want your strength and conditioning program to give you results. With the YouTube generation of athletes among us, our athletes tend to gravitate more towards exercise programs or exercises that look “cool”, but don’t actually produce results. YouTube box jump and you will see all kinds of ridiculous videos of crazy feats of jumping that’s not actually helping the athlete … Read More Systems Based Training