Make Solutions, Not Problems.

As strength and conditioning coaches we need to remember we should be problems solvers for our athletes. We should make what we’re trying to accomplish so simple that if the athletes grandma walked in the room she would be in agreement because the expectations are so obvious. I think this holds true especially on the male side (being simple) as female athletes are better listeners. Being complicated with our words and making our athletes scratch their heads thinking “this guy is crazy…” is not a good thing. The athletes also don’t really care about anything strength and conditioning related anyway; they just want to get better…

Be simple, positive, hold your athletes accountable, increase performance, and have fun. Keep it simple folks πŸ’ͺ🏼


One of the four pillars to success in training is mindset. Mindset will dictate the outcome of long term success. It was once said that you will be successful 80% of the time by just showing up. I have seen this to be true for my athletes and adult fitness clients. The people that show up on a consistent basis and get a workout completed that they were scheduled for typically are more successful than the ones that don’t.

Success is subjective in most cases during the strength and conditioning process. Truly analyzing what success is for you individually is the key to applying proper mindset and staying focused in that mindset. Analyze what you need to improve and meditate on that improvement area. For some staying healthy for four years is a goal, for the outliers it’s to be he strongest athlete on campus, and for others it’s simply to lose weight and feel better from exercise.

Whatever the goal is for you personally make sure your mindset matches up with those goals. Everything matters, every word, every action, and every non-action. Everything adds up and makes your mindset and outcomes in life.