Matt has been a personal trainer since 2012 and has been working in the Nashville area since 2014. Matt currently maintains a small clientele of in-home personal training clients in the Nashville area and owns a personal training gym in Gallatin, TN (Sumner Fitness & Performance). Matt also has a heavy background in athletics; working at the college level from 2016-2018 at schools such as Vanderbilt University (men’s basketball), Lipscomb University (men’s soccer), Trevecca University (all sports), and Tennessee State (football and basketball). Matt also briefly worked at at the high school level from 2018-2019 before opening his gym, Sumner Fitness & Performance in Gallatin October of 2019.

Matt’s how and what look much different than when he first started in the industry almost 10 years ago, but his why is still the same. Matt’s purpose is to serve his clients to the best of his abilities and ultimately believing that his clients will become the healthiest version of themselves.

Expert Coaching. Producing Real Results.

“My goal is to meet my clients where they currently are with their health and fitness. After working together, I hope to give my clients the slight edge that they need to reach their goals and become a support system that functions without my presence being needed. My hope is to become the best part of my clients work week and ignite change that will last for a lifetime!” 

Client Reviews

Bill M.

“Matt is a great guy! Workouts are fun and challenging, and I appreciate his emphasis on nutrition.” November 4, 2016

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