Artist & Music Executive Training

For the Nashville recording artists in country or Christian music who tour often and find it difficult to stay fit & healthy on the road Matt Grimm Performance is the go to personal trainer. Matt strives to give the artist the edge to take their careers to the next level! Matt will work with you to make your health and fitness success inevitable! Matt has dedicated his professional life to serve the music community in Nashville. From music executives, to songwriters, and artists. Matt is here to serve you! Training when in town and traveling on the road with a certified trainer enables you to not only work on your physical training, but helps you relieve stress, boost your energy and gives you an escape from the pressures of traveling and touring. When in Nashville Matt will train you in the gym of your choice or the comfort of your own home! Matt manages all things fitness for the artists; when on the road, a training facility will be established upon the artists request.

Current notable clients include

Executive: Clint Higham President of Morris-Higham Management

Artists: Keith & Kristyn GettyGetty Music

We strive to help you with your nutritional planning when away from home. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to any situation whether in a hotel, dressing room or office. Hiring Matt Grimm Performance to your team means you take the stress away from your health and fitness. Everything but the food that’s put into your mouth will be pre-regimented to meet you where you are! But pre-regimented food can also be arranged. Equipment is provided up front for the artist to travel with when touring and is compatible with any situation. All of our equipment is of the highest quality and function. To maintain quality of service no trainer is ever paired with more than two artists that travel with a trainer. Please inquire within about pricing to

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