Personal Training

We will incorporate the following elements of training based upon your specific goals and current fitness level:

1. Massage – Massaging the body prior or post workout helps to the muscles stretch & move better! This makes our flexibility training and recovery efforts more effective.

2. Stretch – Combining our foam rolling with our flexibility program is the most effective way to create the length we need in the muscle to have the body remain fresh and not broken down; as well as avoiding compensations in movement and ultimately avoiding injury.

3. Activate – Prior to our strength training or movement sessions activating the muscles that are typically dormant will allow the muscles be stronger and move better.

4. Strength training – Strength Training is the meat and potatoes of the workout. In our strength training circuits, there is a focus on full body strength training. A typical circuit has an upper body, lower body, and core exercise combined together without rest to challenge opposing muscle groups while still increasing the heart rate and burning fat calories. There are two to three strength training blocks per workout and will take 30-40 minutes to complete.

5. Cardio – To have a complete fitness program cardio must be involved. Our cardio portion of the workout is only 5-15 minutes in length consisting of High Intensity Intervals meaning there is a burst of work done for a shorter period of time (30 seconds) followed by rest (30 seconds) allowing the body to recover long enough to move well throughout the cardio portion of the workout. Quality over quantity is still the focus even during our cardio section.

Functional fitness that adapts to each individual!