Personal Training

Matt understands the importance of ensuring that fitness is comfortable and convenient to your schedule. Matt works directly with you to help you accomplish your weight loss and fitness goals. Matt has clients located in most locations of Nashville & Brentwood/Franklin making it easy to book mobile personal training sessions that meet with your busy work schedule.

In each and every session Matt will take you through the following:

1. foam roll/thera gun – this addresses any soft tissue concerns making the flexibility training we’re doing more effective

2. static stretch & dynamic stretch- in combination with the foam rolling our flexibility program is based on previous/current injury concerns

3. strength training (circuits of upper body/lower body/core) – our circuits are created based on the clients fitness level and are movement based to keep the heart rate elevated to burn fat and build muscle

4. interval based cardio circuits (if time permits). Cardio is recommended at least twice a week and is a vital piece to the success of the program.

Functional fitness that adapts to each individual!
All equipment required for a great workout is brought directly to your front door!